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Teaching is more than the act of sharing information.
It is the art of making information irresistible.

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Welcome to my virtual classroom and lab!
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I retired from Marshall Middle in June 2017 after 22 years of teaching 7/8th grade science.
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Children will not remember you
for the material things you provided,
but for the feeling that you cherished them.
Richard L. Evans (1906-1971)
Church leader

Deer in the headlight!

students have been lost on this page since 7/5/98!

"Tell me, and I'll forget.
Show me, and I'll remember.
Involve me, and I'll learn."
-- Marla Jones

Scripps Ranch HS Football Photos:
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..........From the Marshall MS Campus!

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My life in photos: 2012
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My Trip to Germany & Paris

my trips to Canada:2010

my trip to Canada 2012
my met
Brandon & USD. graduation, Master's Graduation
Elle & Josh's Wedding
Elissa's 2017 CSF Graduation

Mrs Gillum and the NASA Educator AstronautProgram
The Last Shuttle Launch
My Knee in Movies: 9/30/11 10/7/11
My ZeroG Trip
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