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    ~ The 2017-18: Entire SF Program Notebook : pdf
Updated with LOTS of information and examples to help you!

Time Line: A GUIDE! click here

2018: Forms/Information: click here

....~ The Guide: click here

    ~ Getting the Idea: Click here
choose a topic & and answer a question

    ~ Research: Click here ... .doc format
learn about the topic, write a research paper with footnotes and a MLA bibliography

    ~ SF Notebook Part 1: Click here
Statement of the Problem, Purpose, Hypothesis,

    ~ SF Notebook Part 2: Click here
Variables & Control, Materials, Procedures

   ~ SF Notebook Part 3: Click here
Experimental Log: the composition book

   ~ SF Notebook Part 4: Click here
Experimental Results, Data Tables & Graphs, Conclusion, Recommendation

    ~ The Final Notebook: Putting it all together
Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Forms

   ~ The Final Powerpoint for GSDSF Screening: pdf

    ~ The Backboard: click here, here, and here!
present information on a 3-panel display: jpg
Boards may be purchased, or I have ones for free!

    ~ The Oral presentation
(we will do this AFTER the regionals)

    ~ The Fair :
setup & present at a series of fairs