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Mrs Gillum and the
Educator Astronaut

NASA Educator Astronaut Program
(NASA's: Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers)

Feb 2003 I applied to become an Educator Astronaut at the encouragement
of students and parents (current and former).
Aug 2003 I was informed that I had been selected as a "highly qualified" applicant,
a group of 197 teachers from all over the United States chosen from over 1600.
So began an incredible journey...

Below are 2 weeks of photo journals of the NEAT program that I was honored to attend with these incredible teachers. The June 2004 album is from Houston, Texas and the second: June 2005 from Orlando, Florida. At the NEAT meeting in Texas, we had the privilege to meet the 2004 class with the 3 chosen educator astronauts. I feel very blessed to be part of this incredible group.

The journey continues...as we ALL hope to be together again next June (2006) to witness (and cheer) as our own Barbara Morgan becomes the first teacher astronaut to fly on the shuttle after a 21 year wait.


Elaine G

ps... just couldn't resist the "astronaut" photo! :-)
NEVER give up your dreams! It could happen!!

Article written by Marshall students


Day 1: June 15
Day 2-am part 1: June 16
Day 2-am part 2: June 16
Day 2-pm: June 16
Day 3-am: June 17
Day 3-pm: June 17
Day 4: Last Day: June 18

Day 1: Sun
Day 2: Mon
Day 3: Wed at KSC

Photos From NEAT Teacher
Jeff D North Carolina
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3