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Our Scientists: Group: a / b / c / d / e
Popcorn Science: photos

Watermelons & the Scientific Method: a/b/c/d /e /
Gummy Bear Lab: Density: photos/ Day 2: photos
Ice Cream Matters Lab! photos
Slime Matters Lab! photos
Burning Salts! We KNOW what you are! photos Halloween at Marshall! photos
Cabbage in Chemistry: Day1:photos
Scripps Ranch PopWarner vs Ramona Game
Team: Photos...
Pregame Warm ups: photos 1st Quarter: photos....
2nd Quarter: photos .3rd Quarter: photos .4th Quarter: photos Postgame: photos

GPS: Geocaching & Munzeeing! Can you Find Me Now?
Period 2:Photos Period 3:Photos Period 4:Photos Period 5:Photos Period 6:Photos
Robotic Hands: Building:Photos
......... Pd 2:Photos Pd 3: Photos Pd 4:Photos Pd 5:Photos Pd 6:photos

Speedy Students!
.........Pd 2:photos Pd3:photos pd4:photos Pd5:photos Pd6: photo
Flying Cars:
Car Photos.....Pd 2:Photos ..Pd3:Photos..pd4:photos.. pd5:photos.. pd6:photos
Flying Car Night! ...Part A: Photos Part B: Photos
City Flying Car Competition: High School: photos Marshall MS Photos: Part 1 / Part 2

ENSPIRE: Engineering Day with the Girls! .Photos 1 Photos 2
Roller Coasters: Pd2:photos ..pd3:photos.. pd4:photos.. pd5:photos.. pd6:photo City Science Fair: Photos
State Science Fair: set up / judging & awards
ISEF: International Science & Engineering Fair: Photos /photos
Organic Chemistry Pretzels & Cinnamon Rolls!
Pd2: photos..pd3:photos. pd4:photos. pd5:photos.. pd6:photos.
Rocket time! Pd2:photos..pd3:photos.. pd4:photos..
........................ pd5:photos..pd6:movie
by Ryan ...photos

Generation Beyond Announcement! winners

Amy – Second Place Individual Winner - click here to see her video

Katie  and Jasmine  – Second Place Team Winner -click here to see their video

Emily and Nicole  – Third Place Team Winner - click here to see their video

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