7th Grade Life Science
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Video Library For Powerpoint

Measuring Metric &
The Scientific Metho

Popcorn PPT & Videos:View / download
Lab Safety: ppt
ABC's of Science:
view /download / pdf

Video Library: click here

Smile Lab/LengthyLimbs Lab: pdf
Lab Safety:pdf

Week 3&4
Plant & Animal Cells

Cells / Microscopes:ppt
Cell Structure & parts: pdf
Week 5 & 6
The Microscope
  Additional Labs/Handouts
Fiber Detective.pdf
Observing bacteria cultures in yogurt.pdf
Slowing Down Pond Creatures.pdf
Hair Hair Hair.pdf
Examining Chloroplasts in Pond Weed.pdf
microscope test .pdf

Microscope Diagram assignment: pdf
Microscope Parts Lab: pdf
Microscope Lab: pdf
Microscope lab #2: pdf
Observing plant/animal cells: pdf
Protists in Pond water lab: pdf
Microscope final exam: #1 pdf / #2 pdf

Week 7 & 8
Photosynthesis & Respiration

Cells Function:ppt
Cell Structure: pdf
Photosynthesis: 1: ppt /2: ppt
Brainpop Handout: pdf


Week 9 : Genetics Wk1
Meiosis & Mitosis

Powerpoints DO NOT
have embedded Videos

Meiosis Lect1:View /download/pdf
Mitosis Lect2:View /download/pdf
Additional Cell Division ppt
Additional Reproduction ppt
Powerpoints Videos Found Here
and can be downloaded

Meiosis Video Library: click here
Mitosis Video Library: click here

Printable Lecture & Lab notes Found Here:
Student Lect1 notes:pdf Teacher Lect1 notes: pdf
Meiosis Flip Book notes: pdf
Student Lect2 notes:pdf Teacher Lect2 notes: pdf
Mitosis Flip Book notes: pdf

Week 10: Genetics Wk2
Mendel & Genetics
Genetics Lect3:View /download/pdf
Mendel Lect4:View /download/pdf
Additional Heredity ppt
Lect3 Video Library: click here
Lect4 Video Library:
click here

Student Lect3&4 notes:pdf
Teacher Lect3&4 notes: pdf
Genetic Labs: pdf
Maybe Baby Lab: Handout / Data sheet

Week 11 & 12:
The Human Genome Project

Mutations Lect5:View /download/pdf

Lect5 Video Library: click hereLorenzo's Oil Film Handout: pdf

Student Lect5 notes:pdf
Teacher Lect5 notes:
Genetic Cookie Lab: pdf
Mutations Worksheet : pdf / pdf
I'm my own grandpa Lab: pdf
Genetic Final exam: pdf

Week 13 & 14:

Additional Evolution: ppt    
Week 15 & 16:
Earth's History
Additional Earth Science: ppt    
Week 17 & 18:
Living Things / Kingdoms

Organization: ppt
Classification: ppt

Week 19:
Virus & Bacteria
Week 20:
Protists & Fungi
Week 21-22:
Plant Cell Sructure: ppt
Plant Kingdom: ppt


Cell tour: pdf
Plant Cell Structure:Student Notes:pdf
Plant Cell Structure Teachr:ppt
Plants & Animals : final exam: pdf
/ doc

Week 23-24:
Week 25-26:
Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles
Week 27-28:

Week 29-30:
Systems of the body

Skeletal: ppt
Circulation: ppt
Ears & Sound: ppt


Light: ppt
Optics; ppt