The Beautiful German City of Mainz

The view from our hotel room.
This is an original wall from before the war that was moved to become part of the Hilton Hotel.

The wonderful Hilton in Mainz

The signs are very interesting!

I believe this is an old winery that was close as are MOST businesses on Sundays

stairs to the street

Incredible buildings

Mr Bill LIKED this pub!

A beautiful German cathedrial in the middle of town

Inside the cathedrial

I lit a candle here for my family!

Incredible architecture

See the statue in the middle of the photo here?

Do you see the dog inside? It's part of the statue

The Rein

Bridge over the Rein

This is a little swing for kids!

Small streets, wonderful buildings

A window in the wall of the fortress

Portions of this fortress line the bank of the Rein