Click here for the pdf of all deadlines for 2015-16: Due Dates are subject to change

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Getting the Idea: handout / Graphic Organizer: handout / GO Helpful Hints: click
GO examples: click Footnote examples: click Final Research Paper example: click
Notebook 1: handout Notebook 1:examples
Notebook 2: handout / Notebook 3: handout Experimental Logs: handout
Observation examples: handout / Conclusion Examples: handout


8/10 FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DUE BY EMAIL (attach perfect MLA bibliography)

9/9 Wed: Statement of the Problem, Purpose, Hypothesis DUE by email: (all typed on individual pages) PLEASE LABEL DOCUMENTS CORRECTLY: Your last name / NB1
9/14 Mon: Notebook Part 2 DUE by email: This includes: Variables & Controls, PLEASE LABEL DOCUMENTS CORRECTLY
9/23 (update) Wed: Procedures & Materials DUE by email:
Procedures: approved projects may begin experimentation!!!
If your procedures were not approved, please consider meeting with me. Otherwise, continue editing and submitting your procedures until they've been approved.

10/23 (Friday) Bring in your composition book showing the results from your experiment, you should be AT LEAST halfway done by now. This will be checked in class.
12/1: (Tues): Complete results due :ALL 4 parts: 1 page of observations, data tables, graphs by emailed by 7am

Final Parts
12/4 (Friday): Conclusions & Recommendations AND Abstract due by email by 7am
Abstract format: click here Abstract Example: click here
12/7:(Monday) This is a change:All Greater San Diego Science Fair Forms Due by email.
Hard copy should be included in your final notebook due on Monday 12/14
Category Descriptions: click here
click here for forms: Proposal / Hazard / Human test subject / Animal Testing / Human Tissue
12/14: Monday: FINAL NOTEBOOK DUE BY 7:30am in Mrs Gillum's Room: include ONLY final draft /edited parts, plus Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, and Appendix with pictures of you conducting your experiment PLUS your composition book which messy original data

GSDSF Screening Powerpoint Requirement
1/8 (Friday) click here for additional information. Powerpoint AND Final Science Fair Notebook in PDF format due to me by email. If the file is too large, bring to me on a flash drive Friday am
1/15: (Friday) You Tube 3 minute video due about your project produced and uploaded. Click here for instructions on how to make! Please send the link to me, or bring in on a flash drive.

2/8 (Monday) BACKBOARD DUE before school. Science Fair Open House Monday night: 4:30-6:30

The Real Deal
January 22 Wednesday: Project Set up PLUS Marshall Science Fair Open House/Symposium

March 15: Tuesday: San Diego Science Fair Set up at Balboa Park: 2:00 -5:00
March 16: Wednesdy: San Diego Science Fair Judging. STUDENTS MUST BE PRESENT : 7am-3
March 17th: Thursday: San Diego Science Fair Awards At SDSU Cox Arena
March 20th: Sunday: Board Pickup at 2pm-3:30pm
Early May or late April: California State Science Fair (at USC/LA)

All of your work must be:

* Saved on your computer AND on a USB Key (bring to school every day)
* Typed with the same simple 12-14 size font
* 1 1/2 spaces (except for the research paper)
* 1 inch margins
* Attach ALL original drafts behind newer drafts