Mar Habitat Additional Information

Design & Draw a vehicle that 4 astronauts will live in when they travel for 8 months to Mars.  The space capsule is already created. Your focus is the habitat they will live in and create a video and a visual representation of the habitation module that will carry the first human crew to Mars.

The habitation module, or “Hab,” will provide all of the systems supplies,
work and living spaces that a crew needs for a long mission.
The habitation module must provide astronauts with the internal environment, tools, and equipment needed for humans to stay healthy and safe in space.
But what would humans need to stay healthy and safe?
1. Your habitation module must be constructed with materials that will protect against radiation and impact with debris.
2. Your habitation module must provide the crew a breathable atmosphere at the correct air pressure and temperature.
The system must also be able to monitor contamination in the air as well as in the water.
3. During the mission, astronauts may need to go outside the spacecraft to explore or make repairs. They will need a system that provides them with a safe way to exit and enter the hab.

Remember: 4 people will live together in a small space for months or years at a time. Your goal is to design that space.

The design can be any way you want. Space is about the length of 2 mini vans. 24 feet, 9 feet wide, 9 feet high

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